Grand Junction Canal

Tring Summit


1808 map

Tring Summit

Under Construction

Map of the Tring Area from The Canal: Tring - Rickmansworth in Camera

The Reservoirs

Wilstone Reservoir - by Jacklin, Tring
The Reservoirs [Wilstone], Tring from the Wendover Arm
Postcard by F. Jacklin & Son, Western Road Tring
An "RA" card with a d postal rate so before 1918

Other Views of
Wilstone reservoir

The Wendover Arm

The Canal at Gamnel, New Mill, Tring
Tring - The Official Guide - 1952

Book: Water from Wendover - The Wendover arm of the Grand Union Canal

The Pumping Station at Little Tring

Grand Junction Canal, Pumping Station, Little Tring
Postcard by C A Howlett, circa 1910

To Marsworth and the Aylesbury Arm

Marsworth Reservoirs, nr Tring
Posted 1914

Book: The Aylesbury Arm - booklet published by the Aylesbury Canal Society in 1996.

Book: The Waterway comes to Tring

See also: Lock Keeper's Cottages, Bulbourne, 19/20th Century

            SHERRY, Canal Houses, Tring, 1920-1940

The Locks, Startops End (Marsworth, Buckinghamshire)

When the canal was heavily used during Victorian times there was a major problem with the supply of water, The original locks (for instance the one on the left of the picture) took two narrowboats at a time and this wasted water when only one narrowboat passed through, The solution was to build extra parallel half-width locks, which only took one narrowboat at a time. Where the lock was immediately adjacent to a bridge the bridge had to be extended with an additional arch. After a comparatively short time the scheme was abandoned, and now all the narrow locks have been filled in, apart from one which acts as a dry dock at Tring Summit. This picture shows the narrow lock at Startops End after it had been closed for traffic but before it was filled in.


Marsworth Locks under repair in 2011

showing parts of the canal not normally visible


Tring Summit

View from Canal Bridge, Marshcroft, Tring

Published: C A Howlett, Tring


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Wendover Arm
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The Canal near Tring Station

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