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Hermitage Road







Box Trees, Hermitage Road, Hitchin

Published by H. G. Moulden, Hitchin

Posted 1905

An Interesting Pair of Post Cards


Hermitage Road, Hitchin

Published by [Blum and Degan]

No 15611


These two cards are of particular interest because they are clearly both from the same negative. The top one is published by Blum & Degan and the number and back is comparable with other cards published by them circa 1905, suggesting a slightly earlier date for the photograph.


The lower card is published by Francis Frith & Co and while it has a later back the negative number suggests the photograph was taken on 1901.


What is happening? I need to investigate further. One possibility is that Frith & Co took at least some pictures (so the negative has a Frith number) for Blum & Degan (who allocated their own number). Then, after Blum & Degan had gone bankrupt, Frith used the negative themselves.



Hermitage Road, Hitchin

Published by F. Frith & Co, Reigate

No 46642 (1901)

Posted 1918

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