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It is in the Cashio Hundred and the Hatfield Union

St Thomas Church


by Alpha, St Albans

  St Thomas's Church, Northaw, Herts - post card by Alpha, St Albans



Northaw Church

Published by W. A. Bray, Potters Bar    Posted 1915




No publisher information 



St Thomas Northaw

Both postcards are by C W Bray, of Potters Bar but produced by different printing techniques. Both have early divided backs, and the vertical one was posted in 1906. However the lighting arrangements are different in the two pictures.

Northaw (2 miles east from Potter's Bar Station, G.N.R.) is a village on the Middlesex border, near the source of the river Colne, and a place of considerable interest. In the wood north of the village there lived a hermit named Sigar, the subject of some monkish legends. He lived about the time of Henry I., and was buried beside Roger the Monk in the south aisle of St Albans Abbey. There was originally a small church close to the village, Early English or perhaps Norman; this was replaced by the cruciform church of St Thomas a Becket, a pseudo-perpendicular structure, destroyed by fire in 1881; the present cruciform building of Ancaster stone is Decorated with a conspicuous west tower carrying four pinnacles. ... Unfortunately only a portion of the old register were saved from the fire of 1881.

Hertfordshire Little Guide 1903


Collectors Club "Mercury" Series postcard of Northhaw village posted in 1907

Nyn Park Lake, Northaw

Posted 1905



The old house of Nyn Park was pulled down in 1774, and its materials used to build Northaw House.





Cuffley is a manor in Northaw and at the beginning of the 20th century was a hamlet of "a few cottages, a room used as a school and a church, and Well Farm" (Victoria County History). It became far better known when in 1916 a German airship crashed there in flames. (see The Cuffley Zeppelin)

Patricia Klijn (patklijn @t hotmail.com) write saying she has written two books "A Cuffley and Hertfordshire Miscellany" published in 1988 and now out of print, and "Cuffley in Old Picture Postcards" and published in 1995.

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Zeppelin at Cuffley
March 2010   Nyn Park Post Card
July 2010   1922 P C of church
February 2014   St Thomas, Alpha