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A Walk through Tring  in Early Picture Postcards
mainly by local photographers

High Street (West) & Western Road



High Street, Tring - probably by S. G. Payne circa 1903

The new market house was opened in July 1900, and this picture shows it as it was originally - with an open ground floor - and before the police station was built. (compare with following picture).

The policeman is standing at the town centre cross roads and the building in the distance behind him is the old school house, which has now been demolished. There are a number of school children in the picture and perhaps it was taken just after the school broke up for the day.

On the north (right-hand) side of the street the buildings have remained relatively unchanged over the last 100 years. The George Hotel is now an estate agent and the low shed is a sandwich shop. Further up Grace's hardware shop is still there - with an old sign saying it has been established for over 200 years.


High Street, Tring - Valentine  (80688 JV - 1915)
The building to your left is the "new" Market house. The detail shows the Police Station

High Street, Tring
(63176 JV - 1909)

On your left there is the Conservative club, with Grace's hardware store beyond. On your right is the Post Office. Versions of this card without the stagecoach also exist. (see Dating Problems).

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  High STreet, Tring
  High Street, Tring
S. G. Payne & Sons, Aylesbury
circa 1903

This view was published earlier, with no publisher information, and an undivided back. There are some other similar cards, and they may all have been produced by S. G. Payne.

The High Street Baptist Church


Circa 1905

No Publisher information

  Baptist Church, High Street, Tring

Western Road, Tring - Published by F. Jacklin & Son, Western Road, Tring in RA series, posted in 1931.

This view is looking East down the High Street towards the town centre,. The telegraph pole is adjacent to the school. The high roofed building on the right is the High Street Baptist Chapel, where the foundation stones were laid in 1889 (see MARNHAM, Boxmoor, late 19th century). The view is comparatively unchanged and the newsagent is still trading. It should be noted that west end of the High Street was formerly part of Western Road.



Kingham's Cycle Shop, Western Road, Tring

MEAD/KINGHAM, Wigginton/Tring, 20th century - a first-hand account of life in the first half of the 20th century.


Western Road, Tring
posted 1916
[back identical to Payne cards circa 1903]

This view is looking back towards the town centre and is taken at a cross-roads with Chapel Street coming in from the right, and Miswell Lane off to the left.



Turn into Miswell Lane
or visit
The West End via Chapel Street


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