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Samuel Glendening Payne & Son,

of Aylesbury & Tring


Ŗ 23 April 1865

Bucks Herald

4 December 1869


Bucks Herald

23 November 1889


Samuel Glendening Payne (1835-1912) was a descendant of my ancestor William Rolls (1724-98) of Bicester and a nephew of John Gibbs. He lived all his life in Aylesbury and in 1862 he married Maria Smith. The following year he is listed as an emigration agent in Bourbon Street and his sister Elizabeth Barrett Payne married a photographer, Henry Jenkins. Shortly afterwards carte de visite started to appear in Aylesbury by Jenkins and Payne. However in December 1864 the partnership between Henry Jenkins and Samuel Payne was dissolved and the address was replaced by "Sam. Glen, Payne. 3 Serena Terrace, Aylesbury." the portraits apparently being taken in the same studio. By 1868 he was living at 1 New Road Terrace, Aylesbury advertising his services as a portrait photographer. At the 1871 census his wife Maria is described as a portrait and landscape photographer. Later photograph backs refer to Mr & Mrs S. G. Payne, Artists and Photographers. A court case reported in the Bucks Herald in 1873 shows he was still also acting as a emigration agent at that date.

At some stage they opened a branch at Thame, their addresses being given as 43 New Road Aylesbury and 109 High Street, Thame. Later still Samuel opened another shop at Tring, which was open for not much more than 10 years, the first reference I have is 1895 and the last 1907. He published a large number of postcards of scenes in and around Aylesbury - including many of Tring.


Reverse of large photograph in Family collection

All the cards  are monochrome, all have the early divided back wording (three different formats noted) and most have the title on a white strip along the bottom. The publisher name can be as shown on the strip, or vertically on the back or front. A few cards, apparently by him, do not carry publisher details.

The earliest posted is in 1904 and all would appear to have been produced at about that date.

Tring Cards by S. G. Payne

Tring Church

Tring Church

Tring Church 

Tring High Street
posted 1911

Tring High Street
posted 1907

Tring High Street

Tring Museum

Tring Park
post 1906

Tring Park
posted 1904

Miswell Lane, Tring
posted 1905

Akeman Street, Tring

The publisher is not identified on a number of other cards with identical format and back, including the following, and they were almost certainly published by S. G. Payne.

High Street, Tring

Western Road, Tring
Posted 1916

See also

Earlier post cards of Tring

with undivided backs

probably produced by

S. G. Payne

Please tell me if you have any further information on Samuel Glendenning Payne's  postcards in Hertfordshire.

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Genealogy Notes

Samuel Glendening Payne was born in Aylesbury on 14th January 1835, the son of Samuel Payne (1799-1882) and Elizabeth Barrett (1802-1889) and baptised at the Hale Leys Chapel, Aylesbury on 12th February of the same year. He married Maria Smith (1842-1929) at Hale Leys Chapel on 20th October 1862. His children were Rolls Glendening (1865-1937), Ernest Edward Monro (1867-1951), Reginald Herbert (1871-19??) George Barrett Glendening (1873-1957), Lambert Broughton Bland (1875-1957), Catherine Cecilia Beryl (1878-19??), and Dorothy Mary (1881-19??). In 1911 Lambert, Catherine and Dorothy were working in the family photographic business. He died at home in Aylesbury on 7th February 1912.

His father, Samuel Payne, was born in Aylesbury on 25th November 1799, the son of Philip Payne (1766-1842) and Ann Rolls (1760-1839) and was baptised at Hale Leys Chapel on 7th April 1803, His birth was registered at Dr William's Library on 5th March, 1815. He married Elizabeth Barrett (1802-1889, daughter of Robert Barrett & Martha Glendening) on 3rd February 1825. His children (born between 1826 and 1848) were Philip, Ann Serena, William Barrett, Caroline, Samuel Glendening, Charles, Edwin, Elizabeth Barrett, Mary Ann and Ebenezer. He died in Aylesbury on 10th November 1882 and was buried in Aylesbury Cemetery.

His grandmother, Ann Rolls, was born at Bicester, Oxfordshire, on 4th January 1760, the daughter of William Rolls (1726-1798) and Mary Devonshire (1729-1804). She married Philip Payne at Aston Stanford in March 1790 and they had the following children (born at Aylesbury between 1791 and 1805): John Rolls, Bithiah, Bartholomew, Caroline, Philip, Selina, Elizabeth, Philip, Samuel, Ann Serena, Jemima and Theophilus. She died on 21st January, 1839, and was buried in the Castle Street Burial Ground, Aylesbury. Her brother, William Rolls (1762-1847), was father of Mary Rolls (1787-1853), first wife of John Gibbs. Another brother, Robert Rolls (1764-1844) was father of Sarah Rolls (1809-1862), second wife of John Gibbs and father of Frances Rolls (1807-1859) who married John Gibbs' brother, Richard Gibbs (1804-1883).


This picture was taken by Samuel and the address of 1 New Road Terrace, Aylesbury suggests that it was taken about 1870. It is one of several images owned by Peter Hobbs (phodds @t yahoo.co.uk) of Norfolk, which show this house, and an event which may well have been at the same place at the same time. Can you help by identifying the house, which might be in Bucks of Herts - or even better identifying the likely event.

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Dating Old Photographs


The Find My Past Blog has a series of pages on the dating of old photographs by Jayne Shrimpton which you may find useful. I was delighted to see that she had found my web site helpful when dating this carte de visite by Samuel Glendenning Payne. She writes:


Fig.5  Cabinet print, Mr & Mrs S G Payne & Son, Aylesbury, c.1897-1902 - click to enlarge. When multiple studio addresses appear on a card mount, this often aids photographer research. A general internet search for the Payne family of photographers led to the website www.hertfordshire-genealogy.co.uk. This didnít supply full operational dates for all three branches, but confirmed that the Tring studio only existed between 1895 and 1907. Other dating techniques, including dress clues, narrowed further the date of the photograph. (Katharine Williams)

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