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Some Interesting Watford Postcards


An Advert for Tea

"Junk mail" is nothing new. This advertising card notified the recipient that E.S. Linney of Whippendell Road, Watford sells Twining's tea. It was sent in 1920 and while it was franked it never had a stamp.


Postage Due for added "glitter"

watford-cassio-gateway-08 The Park Gates, Watford
Published by London View Co
back circa 1902
posted 1906.

This card exists in two forms - one a normal coloured postcard, and the other with the main edges of the building highlighted with added glitter (see detail). It would seem that this enhancement meant that the card was no longer entitled to be sent at the postcard rate - and it collected a "Postage Due" stamp


An Interesting Message


Dear E. Thanks very much for your P.C. Say please don't sign yourself E.H. as that they are the initials of the Head's youngest daughter, Enid Hecle, & I shall be accused of corresponding with her, which of course would be a sad calamity. The reason why I sent that blank P.C. was because I thought it would touch a cord in your memory & so you would remember that you had not written to me. I am in the habit of answering and being answered quickly. N.B. I think the Dr who is treating Mater is a --- fraud, first of all it is a matter of hours then days then weeks & months & now it has gone up to a year. For myself I think she will live until the middle of my summer holidays & then Peg out. No more room therefore I am ever yours. W J.

Restoring a Faded Real Photograph


Real photographs can contain an enormous amount of detail (see Shambrook shop front) but if they were not properly fixed they can fade to almost nothing - as can be seen on the left, which is a card posted in Watford in 1907. Using suitable photo-editing tools (in this case Corel Paint Shop Pro) it is sometimes possible to recover much of the detail in this picture of Malden Road, Watford. In addition to adjustments to the histogram, the sky has been painted white and a new white border added.


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