Hertfordshire Post Cards

Postage Due


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Inland Only Message area - Used Overseas in Error


This Hartmann card was valid if used in England, but the divided back format was still not acceptable in France - who slapped on a "postage due" charge.

Wrong Postage on Card sent overseas


The Avenue, Stevenage

Post card sent to USA in 1912 with only a d stamp - correct rate 1d.

Frank for 2 cent surcharge added in USA

Postage Due for added "glitter"

watford-cassio-gateway-08 The Park Gates, Watford
Published by London View Co
back circa 1902
posted 1906.

This card exists in two forms - one a normal coloured postcard, and the other with the main edges of the building highlighted with added glitter (see detail). It would seem that this enhancement meant that the card was no longer entitled to be sent at the postcard rate - and it collected a "Postage Due" stamp



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