St Nicholas,



Old Church, Stevenage

Postcard by H.G. Mathews, High Street, Stevenage - circa 1910??


This world's a City full of crooked Streets

Death is the Market Place where all men meet

If life were Merchandise as Men could buy

The rich would always live the poor would only die.


An epitaph from Stevanage

The Cream of Curiosity


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St Nicholas Church, Stevenage



The Font 
Clutterbuck, The History of the County of Hertford, 1827


Hertfordshire - Little Guide - 1903

St Nicholas Church - Frith

Postcard posted in 1908

[No 44265 photographed 1899]



Stevenage Church

Valentine 58982 photographed 1907

Lych Gate

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Valentine 58985 photographed 1907


Parish Church, Stevenage

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Chambers, Publisher, Stevenage - posted 1910


Parish Church, Stevenage - circa 1910


St Nicholas Church, Stevenage  - Valentine (no number)


The Avenue leading to Old Parish Church, Stevenage.

Knight Brothers No 245/6

Posted 1912, Published circa 1907

Sent to a Miss E Chishshire, 80 Melrose Street, Springfield, Mass, U S A, with only a d stamp.

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