Places associates with "F S" or the London View Co.


Albert Hall, London


Most London views apparently  published by the London View Company do not name the publisher. They are either full frame (as on the left) of have a characteristic white label (as on the right.)


Albert Hall, London

The card on the left was published by the London View Company and posted on 14 September 1906. A later version,  by the London View Company Ltd was posted on  27 June 1907.  Many cards with the same format do not have have the publisher name. Cards formatted with a white strip label have not been seen with a publisher name, but can be identified by the multiview cards below.

There may be some links with the Klio Post Card Company

Tower Bridge

Posted 7 September 1906


Marble Arch



Mansion House & Cheapside

(Co Ltd) 10 October 1906

Westminster Bridge

Posted 2 December 1905


Greetings from London

London View Co

Posted 20 January 1906


Horse Guards, Whitehall


Mansion House

Posted 6 October 1906


Brompton Oratory

Posted 19 October 1905



Old Houses, Holborn


L V C Copyright


L V C Copyright


No Publisher

No 58

Posted 19 June 1908


Possibly by the Klio Post Card Company

Royal Exchange (Klio)


Royal Academy, Piccadilly


Holborn Viaduct & City Temple

This uncoloured card printed in Bavaria


Tower Bridge

Posted 7 September 1906


Buckingham Palace


British Museum

Posted 15 October 1906


Trafalgar Square

16 August 1906


Leicester Square

Posted 1 July 1905

Houses of Parliament


Also published by Klio Post Card Company


Westminster Abbey



Tower of London


St James Place London

14 October 1906

London View Co Ltd, London E C. 11 Long Lane



With address

Plain Frame




Tower Bridge, London

24 December 1906

London View Co Ltd