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[Maxim Niven]

Maxim Niven formed the  Klio Post Card Company Ltd at 118 City Road, London E.C., the Klio trade mark being registered in May of the same year. and he was probably responsible for the advert "WATER-Colour Designs and Photos Wanted. Must be really humorous. Also other originals suitable for post-card reproduction. Office 7, 118 City Road, London." (London Daily News, 30 November 1905). Bryatt reports in some detail and says that the company only existed for about a year, and was mainly involved in importing postcards. Niven acquired a number of trademarks and the "Janus" view cards were apparently moved to the London View Company (did Niven have some connection??)  In July 1907 he received a thousand preference shares in Blum & Degan for the assignment of a trade mark, and then was involved when the company collapsed in October 1908. He was simply described as a merchant in Newington in 1910.

London Views Cards

The Royal Exchange




Printed in Theochrom


Houses of Parliament


Other Klio cards printed in Theochrom

The Wolf




The Rhinoceros

Theochrom was a colour printing process used by Theo. Eismann of Leipzig.


Theochrom - Klio Post Card - The Bee Series


The Cathedral, Bristol

With best wishes for Xmas and the New Year

The Bristol Art Gallery

Janus View Cards


L V C copyright  


The backs of these cards suggest that they could have been printed by the same Saxony publisher used by the London View Company in 1905/6



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More information needed on Maxim Niven

  1. Basic family history, etc

  2. Check National Archives  for Company records (Klio Post Card Co Ltd, Blum & Degen Co Ltd and London View Co. Ltd) to assess his involvement.