Moore & Dewdney

John Beagles & Co Ltd

John Beagles & Co started as a photographic publishing company and published post cards from 1903 until just before the Second World War. They are well known for portraits of royalty and actresses and published very few comic post cards. Byatt suggests they occupied property formally occupied by the post card publishers Moore & Dewdney.

Albert Hall

M & D Excellent Series, Paternoster Row

posted 27 September 1907


These two "duplicate" cards have the publisher name "M & D." The cards were printed in Saxony


Moore & Dewdney  apparently later occupied property associated with J. Beagles


Old Houses, Holborn

M & D Excellent Series, Paternoster Row

Dated 23 September 1908

Many Returns

Signed in circle

See Birthday Greetings

[Publisher J Beagles]"



I Don't Think

I'm minding it for mother

[Publisher J Beagles]"



His mothers-in-law await him

Beagles 1907

Oo's soon be able to crack nuts


J. Beagles & Co., Ltd.,

Printers & Publisherd, E.C.

The "Tiny Toddlers" Series

No 653D

18 May 1912



Signed: G G Weiderseim

Published by Reinthal & Newman, N. Y. & Chas. H. Hauff, London, E C

Agents for Gt. Britain & Colonies.

J. Beagles & Co. Ltd. London. E C

15 July 1909