"Blum & Degan"



The Charge of the Thirsty First

Signed "F S"

B & D, London

(Early Saxony)




Down with the Picture Post Cards

Signed "F S"

B & D, London

Writing Space back

7 August 1908

I Don't Think

My Cousin

Signed "F S"

I Don't Think Series

B & D London E3

6 March 1907


The harem scare-em

Signed "F S"

B & D, London E C

This space may be used for Inland Communication

8 November 1907


Hallo Papa

Signed "F S"


Anthony Byatt reports

"Oh! Did He" series

Blum & Degan


Other Contemporary B & D "Comic" cards

B & D Series No 661

8 May 1909