"Blum & Degen Ltd"

Blum & Degen were pioneers of the post card in Great Britain, and published their first views in 1895. By 1907 they were claiming to have stocks of 10 million cards - but this lead to financial difficulties and the receiver was called in October 1908 by Mr Maxim Niven (see Klio Post Card Co.)

The company is only relevant here because it was one of a number of companies which had their name added to the back of "F S" comic cards. However it was a very significant company selling view cards nationally. See the relevant Hertfordshire page for more of the history of the company and many examples of some of the Hertfordshire view cards it published.

Some "F S" sets printed for Blum & Degen


The Charge of the Thirsty First

Signed "F S"

B & D, London

(Early Saxony)




Down with the Picture Post Cards

Signed "F S"

B & D, London

Writing Space back

7 August 1908

I Don't Think

My Cousin

Signed "F S"

I Don't Think Series

B & D London E3

6 March 1907


The harem scare-em

Signed "F S"

B & D, London E C

This space may be used for Inland Communication

8 November 1907

"Oh! Did He"

Signed "F S"

Blum & Degan


Some Other Contemporary B & D "Comic" cards

Off yo go, Antonio

B & D Series No 661

8 May 1909


"Mum's the word"


Some Hertfordshire View Cards by Blum & Degen

The Abbey, St Albans


Queens Road, Watford


St Peter's St, St Abans


River Lea & Lock, Ware

The company produced cards like this for most larger towns in the British Iskes.