"Continental Post Card Co., Manchester"

[C.P.C. - M should not be confused with C.P.C. - London or C.P.C. - B]]

The Continental Post Card Company, was owned by Joseph Mamelok and was based at 33 Oxford Street, Manchester. It specialized in comic cards and its trade mark was registered in 1908. It was another short lived firm that is estimated to have published about a thousand comic postcards until about 1913.

Joseph Mamelok (1872-1921)

In 1891 Joseph (18, assistant at railway bookstall, Russian born in Poland) was living at Chorlton on Medlock, Manchester, with his uncle Bernard Hurdig (74, born Poland) ) and aunt Dorothea Hurdig (61, born Poland) and their son Albert Hurdig (30, born Salford, Lancashire). He was listed as a newspaper dealer at 33 Oxford Street, Chorlton on Medlock in 1895.

In 1897 Joseph Mamelok, bookseller, was sent to prison for 3 months for selling books of "a filthy and disgusting character" (Manchester Evening News 24 & 28 May, 8 June). There was another prosecution in 1900 and in 1906 he was one of a number of people fined for selling improper postcards at Blackpool. (Manchester Courier 10 July 1906).

In 1911 Joseph Mamelok was described as a "bookseller & stationer (shopkeeper)" born "Russia Poland (resident)" living in 4 Nelson Street, Manchester with English born wife (married Oldham ) and family. At his death in November 1921 he lived at 12 Green Walk, Whalley Range, Manchester and was described as a manufacturing stationer.

Trade Mark registered in 1908 - designed by Charles Roberts of Manchester

The "F S" Connection

The colour printing of this card is done in a different way to the many other versions. In addition there is no known link between this publisher and Fred Spurgin except that they were both Russians who came to England with older relatives.

See "It is very breezy"


It is very windy here  Unsigned


Posted 2 August 1909?

The following comic cards have similar backs but there is no reason to think they are by "F S"

It is believed that many of the unsigned cards may be by Joe Taylor

Just keep a look out for the girl in the harem.

You will see funny things if she happens to tear'em.


Bargins in Trousers.

One of the G-hirls at ____




She won't be happy till she gets it.


July 1912

Between two fires. Both hot.


21 July 1910


Wretch! You refused me yesterday.



Note that the number is in the stamp box - so the number on used copies is hidden by the stamp. Back of some cards printed in red.

If I should plant a tiny seed of love



It's no use doing you Robert

You'll never catch anything



He: What are you thinking about dear?

She: Same as you darling

He: Oh, you naughy girl


Met this down here. Had a lovely time. She smiled, then I smiled. Tell you all the twiddly bits later on.

July 1908


Mary had a little bear

To it she was so kind,

And everywhere that Mary went

You saw the bear behind

CPC Co M    12 July 1908


Rubbish to be deposited here

No 302

[Simple back with no logo]


Don't you think he's like his father?

Yes very much



The Company also published some view cards

Bay Hotel & Port Jack Bathing Creek, Douglas I.O.M.

Isle of Man Series 25. Posted July 1912


Sea Front & Sands, Bridlington

Bridlington Series 26

Posted September 1912


The Water Shoot. Blackpool

Blackpool Series 17  [embossed card]

Posted August 1912

Other Places: Scarborough (Series 22)