"Hutson Brothers"

"H B Series" - Hutson Brothers

Percy Hutson was a traveller for the Pictorial Poastcard Company in 1904, and when this company went out of business in 1908 Percy and his brother acquired the stock and goodwill, and continued trading as the Hutson Brothers. The following unsigned card appears to be lonked to the "F S" series Every Picture tells a Story and Take a Friend's Advice and it was at first thought that it could have been by "F S."  However a survey of cards published at about the same time, with nearby serial numbers has been carried out aand it is now suugested that the crad was probably by Harry Parlett. See False Trails.

Every Picture tells a Story

Take a Friend's Advice

And keep single

No Signature

H B Series 930

Printed in Holland


Some other H. B .card of around the same date or similar number

Put me among the girls no sig

HB 630 - July 1909

My wife won't let me no sig.

HB 674 - July 1909

I Wonder  no sig

HB 828

Hold my Lantern by Donald McGill

HB 884

[Format suggests later reprint]

I want to be busy with my little Lizzie      by Comicus   HB 901

Deaf old gent: There that's the first time I've heard the Nightingale

by Comicus   HB 903    Sept 1911

The Helter Skelter by Donald McGill

HB Not numbered - September 1909

If You've Nothing Particular on

by Comicus

HB 907

Sept 1911

The Child's Prayer by Comicus

HB 914

This is my favourite Spot - So I am told by H P

Numbered 916 - No Publisher

Inland postage back

HB 916 Posted 1912

No 916: M P P C Co, London

Printed in Holland - 9 June 1911


This is as it should be by H P

HB 928 - Inland Postage back

Posted 19 July 1911

The Wanderer Returns by Comicus

No 929 : M P P C Co, London

Printed in Holland


The game of "Coddem" by Comicus

HB 932

H B 933 - Inland Postage back

Posted 22 July 1911

It is my intention to hide nothing from you

by Comicus

HB 920


I'll bet the girl I'm thinking of is thinking of me!

by Comicus

HB 933

Sept 1914



Send me some cash as I am on the 'rocks. Have had to leave several things with "Uncle!"

by H P  No 958  - July 1911

The Hair down here is just as comforting as the 'air' is bracing

by H P   HB 959 - 1913

"If I had a little more money I'd stay another week!!"

by H. P.   HB 962    14 November 1913


Lets have 2 dozen oysters by Comicus

HB 2011 - August 1911

It's all right, Miss by Comicus

HB 2078

Hear me Irma by Comicus

HB 2096 - August 1912

"Archibald, Certainly Not"

HB 2100 - September 1911


Comicus was the pseudonym used by Harry Parlett (H P) when doing post cards for Hutson Bros, the Midland Pictorial Co, and A & G Taylor.