"A & G Taylor"

This is a case where a series of post cards in a style similar to "F S" have been recorded but without any further evidence it is now assumed that the artist was someone else.

It could be that the artist was Harry Parlett, who produced many cards, for a wide variety of publishers, some of which can superficially be confused with the work of "F S."

[The Aldergate Address means the card was published after November 1909]

On the Cliffs

"What do you mean by threepence? I thought the chairs were a penny."

"Yes sir One Chair"

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A & G Taylor Reality Back

"Orthochrome Series"

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On the Cliffs

"My wust experience was when we ran out of o'port in a gale of wind"

"Haw, I thought sailors always drunk rum, what/"

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A & G Taylor Reality Back

"Orthochrome Series"

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Wouldn't be awful to be caught by the tide?

Not so bad as being caught by Ma!

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A & G Taylor Reality Back

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But Beware

Apart from the style there is nothing to link "F S" with the publisher A & G Taylor - who was also publishing comic postcards by "H P" in their "Reality" series

Rinking (one of a series)

I became greatly attracted to a young lady I met at the rink.

Signed "H P"

 Other Post Cards by "H P" and different publishers

Harry Parlett, sometimes using the pseudonym Comicus, also did cards for Hutson Brothers

We thought we had been tickling each other - Until we stood up

H P series (no publisher)

Early back

This is the Favourite Spot

So I am told

Midland Post Card, M P P C Co

Posted 1911

He sees me!

Signed: G G Weiderseim

Published by A G Taylor