"Mitchell & Watkins"

63 St Pauls Churchyard, London E.C.

59 Paternoster Row, London E.C.


Mitchell & Watkins was formed in 1904, initially with offices are 63 St, Pauls Churchyard, adjacent to Cannon Alley (which lead to Paternoster Row). It is known that Bernard Watkins was involved as in July 1905 he visited a stationer in Crawley on behalf of the company. It is possible that his brother Eustace was also involved. In October 1905 the partners escaped with their lives when the office building burnt down and the business was relocated at 59 Paternoster Row. The "Canon Series" of postcards includes many views of South East England and comic cards by Archibald English and Ernest Edward Wise. A deed of assignment relating to debts to creditors made in April 1908 indicates the partnership had effectively dissolved by this date.


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"Canon Series" View Cards - with various backs (no logo)

The Bull Inn, Leatherhead

Canon Series P No. 20

Syon Park Gates

Canon Series D 36




Canon Series W 14

30 October 1906

Christ Church, Purley

Canon Series B 35

H.M.S. Buzzard Naval Volunteer Training Ship, London

Canon Series

Later View cards with Logo heading

Leatherhead Church

B 239 G

Cards done jointly by Archibald English & Ernest Edward Wise in the "Canon Series"

Wedding Etiquette

Gentlemen must leave their hats, sticks, etc, in the Hall

17th August 1908

The Marigold

Daily Wail: Special!! Marriage of the honourable Billy Bankrupt to the rich Miss Goldbags

Notes on Etiquette

Always cultivate a free and easy manner in society

posted 1907

The Salesman calls on Miss H. Newbery of Crawley

Top of Reigate Hill Suspension Bridge

Canon Series


Posted 15th July, 1905 to Miss H. Newbery,

Stationer, High St, Crawley, Surrey



63, St Paul's Churchyard, London. E.C.

Dear Sir,

Our Mr. Bernard Watkins hopes to have the pleasure of waiting on your on Monday next with our latest lines

Yours faithfully,

Mitchell & Watkins


The above card records that Bernard Watkins was working for Mitchell & Watkins - and was almost certainly the joint owner  of the company.

The following cards show that prior to the visit Miss Newbery was already selling cards supplied by Mitchell & Watkins which had been printed with her names and address as publisher.


H. Newbery, High Street, Crawley

15 June 1905



Churches of Sussex

H. Newbery, High Street, Crawley

26 April 1906





Relevant Press Reports


Remarkable and exciting scenes were witnessed at a fire on Wednesday afternoon under the shadow of St. Paul's Cathedral.

The outbreak occurred shortly after noon on some premises in St Paulís Churchyard, adjoining Cannon Alley.

The ground floor is occupied a firm of bootmakers, the second floor by an agent for Scotch clothes and woollens, the third floor by Messrs. Mitchell and Watkins, wholesale stationers, and the fourth floor by Mr. Ellis, photographer. On the top floor resides the caretaker of the building, an aged woman, who lives with her daughter The fire broke out the second floor, and is supposed to have originated from a naked gas light on the staircase.

The building which is somewhat old, and constructed largely of woodwork, was soon alight, and so rapid indeed was the progress of the fire, that all escape to the street was cut oft before the tenants of the upper part of the building became aware of their danger.

A strong smell of burning appears to have given the first alarm to Messrs. Mitchell and Watkins.

Stepping out on the staircase, the latter saw dense wreathe of smoke rolling up the stairs. Immediately a great tongue of flame shot up the stairway, and barred all escape. Mr. Watkins and his partner gave the alarm from the window, and were working desperately saving their books when they shrieks from the floor above.

Mr. Watkins recollected that a young lady was at work in the photographic studio above, and immediately attempted to rescue the girl, but in vain.

From the offices of the Sunday School Union, which form part of the building adjoining, the opposite corner of Cannon Alley, a fire ladder was stretched into the office of Messrs. Mitchell and Watkins, and across this the two men crawled and escaped in a half-suffocated condition. ...

The Illustrated Police News

7 October 1905

Several other details reports on the British Newspaper Archive.

63 St Paul's Churchyard was on the corner of Cannon Lane, leading to Paternoster Row.

In the Matter of a DEED of ASSIGNMENT for the benefit of creditors, dated the 10th day of April, 1908. executed by HORACE MITCHELL, trading as Mitchell and Watkins, at 63, St Paul's-churchyard, and 59, Paternoster-row, both in the City of London, Picture Post Card Publisher. - Notice is Hereby Given, that all persons having any claim against the estate of the above-named Horace Mitchell are requested to send in particulars thereof in writing to me on or before the 18th day of July, 1909, after which date I shall distribute the assets of the estate, having regard only to those claims of which I shall have had notice.

Dated this 30th day of June, 1909.

G. MONTAGUE WHITE, Chartered Accountant, 14 Old Jewry-chambers, E.C. Trustee under the said Deed of Assignment.

Daily Telegraph & Courier (London), 6th July 1909

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