"Bernard Watkins"

13 Paternoster Row, London E.C.


Apart from the evidence from the cards themselves I have no information about this publisher, who does not seem to have published many cards and may have been another short lived company. However the company Moore & Dewdney, of Paternoster Row, were publishing view cards of London in about 1907 from the original photographs also used by the London View Company. Joseph Asher, who was named on "F S" cards in 1907, had moved to 22 Paternoster Row by 1909.


By 1911 Fred Spurgin was publishing cards  in the "Paternoster Series" for Avenue Publishing.


Seaside (1906)

The Miss ___ have been staying here and we have seen a lot of them

Signed 'F S'

Bernard Watkins, 13 Paternoster Row, London E.C

Early Saxony (green)

30 October 1906
He also published the following view cards (1907?)

The Wandle near Hackbridge


Near Ewel[l]