London View Company

Christmas Cards

The following post cards, published by the London View Company (not yet Ltd), are assumed to have been produced for Christmas 1905


With Best Wishes

London View Co

No 126


Wishing you a Bright and Happy Christmas


Series 1310

24 December 1907


A Bright Xmas

and New Year


London View Co No 358

20 December 1907

[Card also has "Series 215 in small letters on picture side]

See "Milton Series"


All Christmas post cards by the London View Company Ltd are assumed to have been produced for Christmas 1906

A Christmas Greeting

May a pleasant time await you


A set of six

"F S"

post cards with

Holly Borders




A Christmas Wait

May you never be disappointed


Xmas post cards by "Bob" [identity unknown] produced by the  London View Company Ltd


  Xmas Joys be yours

Uncle goes to buy  the Xmas tree

Yule-tide Jollity 

Father buys the goose

17th December 1906

A Merry Christmas


A Merry Christmas


Note smaller message area

Series No. 128

[Artist unknown]

It is assumed that no Christmas Cards were printed  for 1907 - but it is possible that "F S" had already started on preparing some when the Company closed in August 1907 and these cards were printed by the same Saxony printers or by Vertigen so may have originally been planned

Good Fortune smile on you this Christmas


A number of

Unsigned "F S"

post cards with a

Holly Box




Kiss me under the Misletoe!

To wish you a pleasant time

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