The Satire Series

by "Dauber"

(Fred Spurgin)

Published by Watkins & Krake

A very distinctive set of cards, signed with the pseudonym "Dauber" first published in the autumn of 1909 by Watkins & Krake with the very distinctive "1d postage applies" wording on the back of all but the earliest cards in the series.

There is no evidence of any later reprints.

The initial cards in this series were all numbered No 1 but later cards had a more sophisticated header and were individually numbered    

Signed Dauber


All cards have, in the left margin:

The Satire Series No [xx] Copyright Printed in England

Published at 51 and 51 Beech Street, London

Will you love me in December as you do in May?

The Satire Series No 1


  The First Pair!

The Satire Series No 1

September 1909


Don't Worry! I have Millions at the back of me!

The Satire Series No 1

August 1920


Landlady - Tell me any time you want a bath, and I'll see you have it!

The Satire Series No 12

24 December 1909


I hear you've something soft in hand!

The Satire Series No 13

The later cards in the series had the series name in the heading line and it seems as if each card was individually numbered (or there are very many unknown cards!)

A Merry Christmas

We're off at the week-end!

The Satire Series No 16

[Without Xmas message posted 2 July 1911]


We've got no money but we do see life

The Satire Series No 19



I'm putting my whole soul into it!

The Satire Series No 20

21 September 1909

A Sadder and a wiser man,

He rose the morrow morn.

The Ancient Mariner

The Satire Series No 21




At the Three Bawls!

The Satire Series No 23

Breathes there the man with soul so dead

Who never to himself has said

"I don't care if there's a girl there."

Satire Series No 24

25 August 1909


Can't get away from my work.

Shall have more time soon

The Satire Series No 33

31 August 1910


I wish they'd do it now!

The Satire Series No36

Does your Mother know you're out?

The Satire Series No 37

12 October 1909


Some girls don't mind suffering from Congestion of the lungs.

The Satire Series No 38


I'm putting something aside for a rainy day

The Satire Series No 40

14 November 1909

Excuse me, is this a Waltz or a Polka?

The Satire Series No 43


There is more in this than meets the eye!

The Satire Series No 44



A business with a big turnover!

The Satire Series No 52

A business with a big turnover!

The Satire Series No 52


What can an old girl do but dye!

The Satire Series No 53




Continued as the Paternoster Series

May I present you with a Pair of Kids?

The Paternoster Series No 57


Soled out?

The Paternoster Series No 66

There are a number of Dauber cards from the Satire Series where I have not seen the back to know the number or the postal date (if any).  

I can always lay my hand on a few hundred pounds.

The Satire Series No ??


You do love yourself

don't you!

The Satire Series No ??


I have a fat banking account by me now.

The Satire Series No ?? 

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If you can fill in any of the gaps (missing postcard images, series numbers, or earliest postal dates) this will help other researchers who visit this site.

These five cards came together in an ebay lot and all have blank backs. They are not obviously modern reproductions so may be printer proofs. One is known to be in the Satire Series and the others are assumed to be.


Don't Worry! I have Millions at the back of me!


[No 1 in the Satire Series]


As your hair grows whiter it will cost you more!

England Expects that every man this day will do his duty!


Oh. Oh. Antonio

he's gone away


I am sending these along as I hear your going strong!