Other Unclassified Backs

associated with "F S"

Most cards that can be related to the "F S" and "Green Back" stages of Fred Spurgin's career have been specifically identified in the catalogue, with a page devoted to each, or information associated with the publisher if the backs only appear for that publisher. However there are a small number of cards which can definitely be associated with "F S" with backs which have not been fitted into the overall pattern.

This page can be considered to be a work page in that if a new example is discovered it will be added here, while if several examples of the same back are found, and are put in context, the entries below will  be moved to a new page recording the specific back.

Normal back version of card   (if known)

Variant back

A Woman at the bottom of it

Signed "F S"

Where there is a Woman Series

Early Saxony back

April 1907

[Other members of the series also redrawn]

Trouble Again  -  Well! Well!

here's a woman at the bottom of it


Publisher "S & L"

[Company not identified]

Printed in England

Other "Where there is a woman" variants presumably have the same back.

Do You Reverse

Signed F S

No Publisher

Early Saxony back

April 1907

Note that they are obviously from different plates - see the different bed ends.


Advice to Girls at the Seaside

[Query - does the reported London View Co  Ltd card have the same back or does it have an earlier back]

Advice to Girls at the Seaside

Don't hire bathing dresses. They never give you a fit but they give others a fit.

Signed "F S"

Where I have seen the back all cards in this set have this back - so far no unposted cards.


New Year - New Leaf

This back is identical to the Writing Space II back except that the place of publication is given as Saxony rather than Germany.

Are there examples from other series which could be by Spurgin?


Given label Writing Space Saxony

[No version seen with a recognised back]

Doing the girls out of a treat

Signed "F S"

The "Scot" Series

See Kilts