Poaching and Petty Thieving in St Albans

A Talk by Chris Reynolds

The Stratton Family - 1870

Poaching for Fish


Before W H Solly, Rev W S Wade, T Kinder 


William North, 27, Joseph Stratton, 31 and George Warby, 50, were charged with poaching in the River Ver on the 15th inst., in the water of Charles Woollam, Esq., and taking by a net trout of the value of 5s. 

People mentioned: Mr Annesley, for the defendants; Thomas Mason, Joseph Bishop, John Johnson, employees of Charles Woollam; Skinner - a fourth man with the defendants; Mr Blagg, lawyer in court; Mr North, brother of William North; Mrs Stone, sister-in-law to North 

Mr Deayton, the governor of the gaol, said he could hardly tell how often Stratton had been before the magistrates, as not knowing he would be prosecuted that day, he had not brought his books. However the defendant had been convicted between 20 and 30 times. … Stratton as an old offender, was then fined in the full penalty of 5, and 9s 6d costs, with the alternative of three month's imprisonment with hard labour.

Herts Advertiser 2nd July 1870