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Researching the "Lewin" Bible


The "Lewin Bible" is a massive late 18th century bible, which came up for sale at Tring Market Auctions in October 2005, possibly as a result of a house clearance. I noted that it contained several pages of inscriptions relating to the Lewin and Horwood families, and the few references to names places all related to parts of Hertfordshire I knew well. Shortly afterward I was due to give a talk on family history to a group at the Walworth Road Baptist Church in Hitchin, and decided to base the talk on the bible and what could be found out about the family who had owned it. This was very successful, and gave me the idea of using the bible as a framework for reorganising the help files on this web site into a tutorial aimed at demonstrating what can now be done with the facilities available on the world wide web, and also with books, maps and other documents in libraries and records offices in Hertfordshire and elsewhere.

The following pages describe the Bible and the  family inscriptions

1 Description of the Bible
2 Dating the Bible
3 The "Lewin" Text of circa 1790
4 The Affidavit of 1822 
5 The "Lewin" Text of 1857 
6 The "Horwood" Text of 1857
7 The "Horwood" Text of circa 1869
8 The "Horwood" Text of 1896

Further information about the families and what has been found out about them are given in the tutorials.

Exploring Family History Tutorial

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