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Session 2

This session uses the description written by John Lewin in 1857 (view) and asks what happened to each member, and their descendants - at least until they left Hertfordshire.

From the best of our recollection

Mary the fifth daughter of John & Sarah Lewin First married William Finch and lived at Bunkers Farm, Abbots Langley where they had one son and Five Daughters and Afterwards married Wm Peacock and had one Daughter Ann Peacock and the Mother Mary Peacock Died 11 Dec 1831.

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What happened to Mary and her family

Sarah the first Daughter of John and Sarah Lewin Married James Peppercorn of Water End Farm, Sandridge and left One Daughter and Four Sons and Died at Gaddesden 22 April 1839.

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What happened to Sarah and her family

William Lewin the third son of John and Sarah Lewin Died at Harpenden May 1852.

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What happened to William and his family

Francis, ... ... Now Still Living.

What happened to Francis and his family

Locate Francis Lewin in the 1851 Census - to find out where he was living, his occupation, and any family information. [Using Ancestry]

2 Locate Francis Lewin's marriage before about 1820. [using familysearch]. Check location [using multimap]
3 Look for Birth/Baptism information on Sarah and Mary Lewin [using familysearch & the British Isles Vital Records Index CD]. Because of limited success it was decided to find out where the registers can be seen. [Using familysearch & GenUKI] (The relevant registers are at Norfolk Records Office, but apparently not indexed or available thought the LDS network.)
4 Looking for references to possible Lewin children on the 1851-1901 census returns.  [Using Ancestry]
5 A check on the location and history of the Lewin mills, including link to the text of a contemporary trade directory. [Using GenUKI - google could also have been used.]
6 A Check on the OneWorldTree [Using Ancestry] and the Norfolk Surnames List [Using  GenUKI] in order to contact others researching the Lewin family in Norfolk.
7 Contact made with a living descendant and information exchanged
8 A Summary of what has been found out - and some as yet unanswered questions.

... John ... ... Now Still Living.

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What happened to John and his family

... ... Elizabeth Now Mrs Horwood ... ... Now Still Living.

Already covered in Session 1


Exploring Family History Tutorial

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