A walk around St Albans

High Street or Market Cross

and George Street



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St Albans

Text: High Street, St Albans - Publisher: Valentines Series - date circa 1910?
The High Street, looking East toward the Peahen and the Holywell Hill Junction.

[Valentine - Also known uncoloured & unnumbered]

Title: The Lord Mayor's Visit to St Albans Pageant, July 18th, 1907, passing along High Street - Publisher: Downer - Cate: 1907
The Lord Mayor's visit to St Albans Pageant, July 18th, 1907
By Downer. For postcards of the pageant see The St Albans Pageant of 1907

Text:Clock Tower, St Albans - Publisher: Valentine's series - posted 1914
A view from a building on the South side of the High Street showing the Clock Tower and the entrances to the Market Place.

Detour into The Market Place

Title: Clock Tower, St Albans - Publisher: Valentines - posted 1951

Opposite the Clock Tower is an archway which leads to the Abbey

Text: High Street, St Albans - Publisher: Valentine's Series Crystoleum  JV 60066 - posted 1914
Looking West along the High Street towards George Street
J. Fisk's shop is in the middle distance on the left.


A view up the hill in George Street
looking towards the High Street.

Postcard by Lilywhite, No 105.



Text: Scene in St Albans during Pageant Week, July 1907 - Publisher: Downer - Date: July 1907

Scene in George Street during Pageant Week, July 1907


The George Inn, St Albans

Wrench Series 6294


At the bottom of George Street, where it meets Romelands,  you can detour right along Spicer Street and visit the Independent Chapel.

Continue into Fishpool Street

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