"Series 309x" Group

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Series 309x


POST CARD - capitals Serif text

Stamp box empty

Divider - Twin vertical lines



Left Margin "Series 3098 Made in Germany."

Some also with name Vertigen


Earliest reported 1913 but probably much earlier


No Publisher


These cards, with their numbering system, are part of the Vertigen family of cards by "F S" which were published after the London View Company Ltd closed down.

I saw these last night

Are they yours

Series 3093

Series 309x


Also Postcard PC II No 666



The Typist - A typewriter saves time & makes work a pleasure

[Unsigned F V P]

Vertigen Series 3094

Series 309x


Also without number



Old Mother Hubbard, she went to the cupboard

To get the poor girl a new dress

When she got there, the cupboard was bare

And so was the girl I guess


Series 3096

Series 309x

18 September 1913

If that's how woman ought to look, I fear they made a howling mess of you , my dear.


Series 3096 

Series 309x

14 April 1914

Here is where the Milkman comes in


Series 3097

Series 309x


See also Milkman



Flea with me Beloved


Series No 3098

Series 309x


See Fleas


Some one has been there before him!


Series 3098

Series 309x

Also with no Series no

Also Postcard PC II  No 429

(August 1913)

But there's always room for a girl



Series 3099

Series 309x