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Adam & Eve [GB]

Advice to ... about to get married "F S"

Advice to Fellows at the Seaside "F S"

Advice to Girls at the Seaside "F S"

Advice to Men in Love

 "F S"

Affinity Possibly "F S"

At Last - Alone

Barmaids "F S"

Be Good "F S"

Beside the Sea-Side [GB]

Birthday Greetings

"F S"

Blommer Kids "Spurgin"

Breach of Promise "F S"

British Workman [VN]

Burlesque Series

Contrasts [GB]

Coronation "Spurgin"

Crown Series (0) "F S"

Crown Series (1) "F S"

Crown Series (2) "F S"

Crown Series (3) "F S"

Crown Series (Other)

Dear Hubby Probably "F S"

Dear Wifey Probably "F S"

Divorce "F S"

Do it Now! "Geo Davey"

Doctor's orders [GB]

Down Here "F S"

Drink "F S"

Everybody's doing it [GB]

Every Picture tells a story  "F S"

Father is a Handy Man - Perhaps "F S"

Fire "F S"

Fleas [VN]

Folk Sayings - F Stone

Get Married [GB]

Girls I didn't Marry - Similar to "F S"

Harem "Spurgin"

Haremette "Spurgin"

He Would if He Could  "F S"

Hints on Dress "F S"

Hobble "Spurgin"

Honeymoon "F S"

Housemaids "F S"

I hear you are [GB]

I Don't Think "F S"

Infantastic Series "Spurgin"

In our Office [GB]

In the Spring "Spurgin"

Jobs "F S"

Kilts "F S"

Kiss me under theMistletow "F S"

Kute Kiddies "F S"

Leap Year: No Wedding Bells for Me - Probably "F S"

Lucky - Signed "F S"

Milton Series - "F S"

Mistakes Will Occur - "F S"

 Moonlight Romance

Mother's Trials - Perhaps "F S"

Nxx Series (USA) - Multiple sets

New Leaf "F S"

New Year - New Leaf "F S?"

Not a Word to the Wife "F S"

Novelty Pullout "F S"

Nursery Rhymes "Stone"

Oh! Did He -"F S"

On the Cliffs - Similar to "F S"

Our Navy - Similar to "F S"

Pa's Holiday at Brighton "F S"

Pa's Holiday at Hastings "F S"

Pa's Holiday at Southend "F S"

Paternoster Series- "Spurgin"

Policeman Comics - Similar to "F S"

Popular Series - Multiple Sets

Post  "F S"

Puzzle "F S"

Sailor Jack "F S"

Satire Series "Dauber"

Saucy Little BirdPossibly "F S"

Seaside (1906) "F S"

Seaside (1911)


Sea-Side Weather [GB]

Selwell Series - Multiple Sets

Shop & Office Workers  "F S" 

Society Gossip [GB]

Soldiers "F S" 

Song Titles Illustrated - Perhaps "F S"

Spring Cleaning

Spurgin Series


Start Off "Stone"

Take a Friend's Advice -  "F S"

The General  [GB]

The Nut [GB]

The Law "F S"

The Motorist.s Trials


The Pleasure of Cycling-"F S"

The Pleasures of MotoringPossibly"McGill"

The Summer Girl "F S"

The Typist "F V P"

Tommy  "F S"

Topical Christmas  


Try and Forget It "F S"

Turkish "F S"

Victoria Series "Syllikuss"

When at the Seaside - "F S"

When you are - [GB]

When you wish  "F S"

Where there is a Woman "F S"

Who said Liar "F S"

Winning "Spurgin"

Xmas Cards with Border "F S"

Xmas Cards with Holly Box "F S"

Xmas cards "Dauber"


Unidentified Sets - Signed "F S"

Could these be by "F S"?




A R & Co "F Spurgin"

Ajelli "F Spurgin"

Alphalsa "F Spurgin"

Argal "F S"

Art & Humour "F Spurgin"

Asher "F S" "F Spurgin"

Avenue Publishing "F Spurgin"

Bamforth "F Spurgin"

Beagles "F S"

[Bee Logo]  "F S

Blum & Degan "F S"

Brighton View Co


Crown Publishing Ltd "F S"

D G "F Spurgin"

Davidson Bros  "F Stone"

Delittle, Fenwick & Co Ltd

East London Publishing "F S"

Ettlinger "F S"

Gale & Polden "F S"

Garner "F S"

Green  "Syllikuss"

"Green Back"


E J Hey "F Spurgin"

Hudson Brothers "F S"?

Inter-Art   "F Spurgin"

W & A K Johnston Ltd  "F Stone"

Klio Post Card Co

London View Co Ltd "F S"

Mandel "F S"

McGlennon "F Spurgin"

Mitchell & Watkins


Moore & Dewdney

Henry Moss "F Stone"

Philco Publishing Co "F S"?

Picture Post Card Co

Rapid Photo Printing Co Ltd

Regent Publishing Co "F S"

S & M, New York "F S"

Shamrock "F Spurgin"

Morris Singer "F S"

A Q Southwick "F S"


Souvenier Post Card Co "F S"

A & G Taylor


Raphael Tuck "F Spurgin"

Valentine "F S"??

Vertigen "F S"

Watkins "F S"

Watkins & Kracke "F Spurgin"

Watkins & McCombie

Wildt & Kray "F Spurgin"

Woolstone Bros "F S"


"F S" Backs


Early Saxony

Saxony Name A

Inland Germany

F S Comic

No Logo

Inland Vertigen

Late Saxony

LVC Logo

Green Backs 1908-16

Lined Address

Writing Space II

Writing Space Dot

Number Only [PC. I]

Number Only [PC II]

Entirely British

For other backs see relevant set or publisher


Selected Artists




Geo. Davey



F V P??















Who was "FS"

The Summer Girl (possible link with F Stone)

The Milkman

It is very Breezy (card with complex history)

A possible "Red Herring" at Blackpool

Round faced children cards

Matched cards across series

Other Backs

Lady in Red Dress

"F S" cards in the PPCM

"F S" cards on ebay



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