Places associates with "F S" or the London View Co.



The Dome, Brighton

The London View Co Ltd



A Rough Sea at Brighton

No 7

No Publisher


The Palace Pier and Aquarium, Brighton, No 19.

Eustace Watkins, London, E. C.

Three cards - all with identical backs apart from the publisher information, all posted from Brighton to three different addresses on the same day in 1908 by someone signing themselves "S W"

The London View Company printed a series of coloured views of Brighton - and the earliest dates suggest the series was put on the market in July 1905. A number of the cards were reprinted in 1906/7 after it had become the London View Company Limited, and it seems that the unnumbered cards also date from this later period.


A general article Beside the Seaside in Edwardian Brighton by Mike Green & Rendel Williams was published in PPCM May 2012. It includes two "F S" cards.

Cards of Brighton published by The London View Company

The Clock Tower  No 2

Inland Early Views

27 July 1905

The Memorial   No 3

14 September 1905

[Also without crest]


The Pavilion

No 1 - 17 Aug 1907


The Palace Pier

No 5 - 10 September 1905


St Peters Church, Brighton  No 7

Inland Early Views  3 August 1905


Old Styne   No 9

Inland Early Views  5 September 1905


A Rough Sea, Brighton  No 11

8 August 1905



Sea Front, Brighton, No 16

Inland Early Views  11 December 1905

also with Coat of Arms. September 1906

London View Co

Inland Early Views


View from West Pier, Brighton [No 12]

2 November 1906

Sea Front & West Pier [No 15]

19 December 1906


St Matthews Church

25 September 1906


Greetings from Brighton

"Ldt" back 6 July 1906

Printed at works in Hamburg

London View Co Ltd

Inland (1)


Black Rock   17 May 1910

Hove Lawn

Preston Park


Bathing at Brighton

London View Co Ltd

Inland (1)  4 July 1908


The Promenade, Brighton

London View Co Ltd


Brighton Fishmarket

London View Co Ltd

Inland (1)


The Aquarium, Brighton

London View Co Ltd

Inland (1)


Northgate Pavillion Entrance, Brighton

London View Co Ltd

27 June 1906


The Dyke

London View Co. Ltd.   29 April 1906

[See Pa's Holiday at Brighton]


Overprinted Versions

Wishing you a Happy New Year


The Pavilion, Brighton

London View Co Ltd.

Posted 1 January, 1908


The following cards, by "F S," were almost certainly produced by the London View Company Limited for the summer of 1906, although dated examples are not known. They could be among the earliest "F S" cards known. Some carried the words "Printed by the London View Co. Ltd. for F. G. Harwood & Co., Brighton ."

 Similar sets were produced for Hastings and Southend on Sea.

Brighton cards by "F S"

Published by The London View Company Ltd, in some cases with F G Harwood.

Suggested date Summer 1906


See Pa's Holiday at Brighton



In 1907 it seems that the London View Company Limited published view post cards with pictures which had actually been take by Valentine.

Queen's Park, Brighton

London View Co. Ltd.

Posted March 1907


Queen's Park, Brighton

London View Co. Ltd.

Unposted [Jan 1908]

[also same back & no publisher]


Picture also published by Valentine


In Queen's Park, Brighton

Valentine JV 52604 (= early 1906)

Posted September 1907

At least 2 other "valentine" editions 


A Gallant Rescue, Queens's Park, Brighton

[Could this also have been published by Valentine?]


Also overprinted with "A Happy New Year" and no extra name stamp - posted 28 December 1908

LH Margin blank

"? Gordon" stamped on picture

Posted 25 September, 1908

In 1908 F. G. Harwood started to publish view cards of the Brighton area as the "Centurion Series" - presumably to replace the ones produced by the London View Company Limited, which was wound up in August 1907.

Cards of Brighton published in Centurion Series

by F G Harwood

Brighton, The Aquarium

25 April 1908


Brighton, Palace Pier


Brighton, View from West Pier

Brighton, A Rough Sea


Old Steine Gardens and Fountain


Brighton, The Dome

Very similar glazed cards were published by Bernard Watkins (who also had contact with the London View Co.) so may have had similar origins, although these were printed in Britain, while the Watkins cards were printed in Germany.

F. G Harwood established the Brighton View Company at some time during the relevant period. It is not certain whether it co-existed alongside the London View Company Ltd, or was created then the London company closed down. The possibility that he was a director of both cannot be ruled out.

St Luke's Church, Brighton BVC


Kings Road, Brighton BVC

July 1910

Southover Street (3) BVC  

Unveiling Brighton and Hove Memorial to King Edward VII BVC

No 4


Brighton Aquarium by Night BVC

No 265

Brighton Beach BVC 1912

Brunswick Place, Hove Brighton View Company

3b Church Street, Brighton

Not posted

Greetings from Brighton

No 47

Brighton View Company

3b Church Street, Brighton

21 May 1913

Eaton Place, Brighton Brighton View Company

3a Clarence Street, Brighton

31 July 1913