In 1907 it seems that the London View Company Limited published view post cards carried pictures which had actually been take by Valentine.

Picture also published by Valentine

Queen's Park, Brighton

London View Co. Ltd.

Posted March 1907

In Queen's Park, Brighton

Valentine JV 52604 (= early 1906)

Posted September 1907

At least 2 other "valentine" editions 

A Gallant Rescue, Queens's Park, Brighton


[Could this also have been published by Valentine?]

LH Margin blank

"? Gordon" stamped on picture

25 September, 1908

Other possible links

I have just arrived at Penzance

A collector called Eric Kent has suggested that "F S" was responsible for some unsigned Valentine cards, such as this one. I would like more evidence before I am convinced he is right.

I have just arrived at Minehead

Do it Now

In about 1908 Valentine linked with the Souvenir Post Card Co, of New York. The "Do it Now!" series has some similarities with "F S" but some of the cards are signed "Geo. Davey."