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Hastings cards by "F S"

Published by The London View Co Ltd

Suggested date Summer 1906


See Pa's Holiday at Hastings

Cards of Hastings published by The London View Company


Hastings Multiview (Ltd)

The Beach   The Castle

The Lovers Seat   Ecclesbourne Glen

Posted 16 August 1907 [1906]


Ecclesbourne Glen No 41

4 August 1905


Ecclesbourne Glen (Co Ltd)

18 September 1909


All Saints Street, Hastings   No 5

(Ltd) Posted

Lovers Seat, Hastings   No 18

Inland Early Views Unposted


Hastings (Co) No 37

11 August 1905

No Title Pub Date
5 All Saints Street, Hastings Ltd  
6 The Lifts, Hastings Ltd Aug 1907
13 Record Storm, Hastings Ltd Aug 1907
14 Record Wave, Hastings Ltd 1907
15 Pevensey Castle, Hastings ? 1907

Lovers Seat, Hastings

19 Alexandra Park, Hastings Ltd Aug 1908
21 Old London Road Ltd  
22 Punch & Jdy Show Ltd  
23 Castle and old tower from East Hill Ltd Sept 1907
25 Shingle washed up, Hastings Ltd 1907
28 Alexandra Park ? 1909
29 Hastings Old Town from West Hill Ltd  
30 The Cemetery, Hastings Ltd Sept 1907
33 Hollington Church, Hastings Ltd Sept 1907
35 St Clements Church, Hastings Ltd  
37 Hastings Co Aug 1905
39 Record Storm at Hastings Ltd June 1906
41 Ecclesbourne Glen Co Aug 1905

Record Storm at Hastings   No 39

Posted 27 June 1906

Lovers Seat, Hastings (Co ltd)

7 August 1911

Cards of Hastings published by Mossman & Co, Hastings.

Printed in Saxony

East Hill Lifts, Hastings   No 5


Hollington Church, Hastings  No 6




Rough Sea, Hastings   No 12

Posted 12 August 1906


Ecclesbourne Glen

View first published by the London View Company

13th September 1907

[Note other view of same spot by the London View Company (Ltd)]


Later republished by The Rapid Photo Printing Co, London

3 October 1907