"Joseph Asher & Co"


Joseph Asher started selling postcards in about 1906, from an address in Cheapside, London. He later moved to Paternoster Lane and then Ivy Lane from which most of his cards - with a distinctive "J A" logo were published - many by Donald McGill. The earliest comic cards were in the "Selwell Series" labelled "J W A & Co," including a number by Will Adams. The company ceased to operate when the Joseph Asher (who was German) was interred at the outbreak of the First World War.

It is suggested that the "F S " dates from 1906, when he first started trading in post cards - probably before the start of the "Selwell Series" and before he had built up artist contacts of his own.


The Charge of the Thirsty First

Signed "F S"

JWA & Co, London (Early Saxony)

1 March 1907


[1 January 1907]

Father is a Handy Man

He cooks the Dinner

No Signature

"Selwell" Series No 41

JWA Logo back

30 April 1908

Mother's Trials

Jane has a follower

No Signature

Selwell Series No 58

JWA Logo back

8 July 1907


Comic Cards by other Artists

 J W A & Co "Songs Illustrated" by Will Adams

 JWA Logo back




If you do George I will Scream

Selwell Series No 8

JWA Logo back by Will Adams


Teaching his Sister - Perhaps

Selwell Series No 77 by A E

Inland Postage Back









Later Asher Series Cards  - see "It's very Breezy"

It's very windy here

Signed Donald McGill

[Asher Series  A 124]


It's very windy but I'm enjoying myself all right

Signed Donald McGill

[Asher Series  A 240]


It's very windy at Rhyl

signed Donald McGill

J A & Co

Published by Joseph Asher & Co. 3 & 4 Ivy Lane, London E C.

A 1450

Printed in Bavaria