Unallocated Signed F. S. Cards

- Series unknown


Dates of earliest known version/back

There's a curl wanted there

Signed F S

London View Company

1 February 1907

Do You Reverse

Signed F S

No Publisher

Early Saxony

1 April 1907

13 April 1907

Her Flowing Locks

Signed "F S"


London View Co Ltd

Early Saxony

 4 September 1907

It is very windy down here but I'm having a jolly good time


Republished with different text

see Down Here

No Signature

Writing Space dot

24 September 1913



Seek and Ye shall find

May all your Troubles be little ones

Signed "F S"

No Publisher

Inland Postage (brown ink)

6 August 1908

Lucky Dog No Publisher

Made in Germany

Name and Address

Writing Space

27 January 190?9?

Go to the D___

And Get Your Hair Cut



Same picture (signed) as Birthday Greetings

Argall's Series

Lined Address


Printed in Germany

Lined Address

[11 November 1914]

11 November 191