The Philco Publishing Company

& The Philco Series

The Philco Publishing Company was based in Holborn Place, London, and published photographic portraits and view cards from about 1904. Initially there were few comic cards, apparently starting with a series number 4000 and most of their comic and similar cards were published during or after the First World War and as such are not relevant to this study. The company apparently closed in about 1934.

This page concentrates on their early comic cards - raising the question whether Philco published any "F S" cards after the London View Company Ltd. closed in August 1907.

Early Philco Series Comic Cards


"Let me like a soldier fall!"

Signed Gunn Gwennet

Philco Series No 4006

Posted 10 July 1904


"Drop in whenever you like"

Philco Series No 4012

Posted August 1904

Another in same series "We  shall probably go over the Alps before our return"

Gunn Gwenett also did a set of 6 "London Antiquities" with serial number 4002, and there was an unsigned set (of 6?) of elves with a serial number 2008.

Apart from the first few all Philco comic cards appear to be unsigned.

The Philco Series - "PUZZLE" (? "F S" ?")


Find the man wearing a home made tie

Series No 4029  

Posted 13 September 1907?


The Philco Publishing Co., Holborn Place, London W.C.


Who does the doll belong to?

Posted 1908

If the September 1907 date represent the publication date, these cards appear to represent a continuation of the "Puzzle " series by "F S" produced immediately after the London View Company closed in August 1907. It is quite possible that these cards are by "F S" - but they could also represent a copycat series by a different artist.

Please Miss. I'm made wrong. It's me nose wot runs and me feet wot smells

Philco Series 4048

If the "Puzzle" cards are considered to be by "F S" perhaps we should also consider him to be the artist for these two?

However the firm was also publishing similar cards by "Kid" (see below) and more positive evidence is needed before the artist involved can be identified.

Life's Little Surprises.  Will you hold these two while I fetch the other?

Philco Series 4110   7 July 1910

Philco Series - (Round faced Children)
There was a problem in assigning an artist to unsigned cards of round faced children. If Philco was already publishing cards by "F S" (see above) it is possible that these are predecessors of the Infantastic Series.

[However I am now dubious about the earliest date recorded, and they now appear to be later than the Infantastic series - so I am now considering them a "False Trail."]

"Ise fed uo with bein good!"

Philco Series 4062

December 1909

"Aint Some Men Helpless?"

Philco Series 4068

"Now oo'll have to wait till is wash

Philco Series 4069

28 March 1910

"It's so Simple"

Philco Series No 4070

Posted November 1909

"We'd better bide awee"

Philco Series No 407?

November 1909

"I'se dot a funny feelin'"

Philco Series No 4080

"A'int de wind rude"

Philco Series No 4084

Posted January 1910

"Oo'ed better not tell!"

Philco Series No 4085

22 December 1909

"I'se Slidin' Down 'Cos I Tarnt slide up!!!"

Philco Series No 4087

"Des were never meant for me"

Philco Series No 4148

10 October 1910

"Hark! dere's a funny noise"

"Now I've done it!!"

"Tum, Fly with me"


"Stand up straight silly!!!"

"Tall me a taxi!"

Some other early Philco Series cards

Break the News to Father

He stood on his head as in days of yore

and danced on his hands a jig

In all his emotions as never before

A wildly hilarious grig.

and why? in that ship just crossing the bay,

His mother-in-law had sailed

For a tropical country far away

Where tigers and fevers prevailed.

Philco Series Son C

5 July 1906

Caught in Tiime

Signed "Kid"

Philco Series 4110

June 1910

Once Bitten Twice Shy

Philco Series 2193F

31 December 1909