Souvenir Post Card Co

New York, USA

The Souvenir Post Card Co (1905-1914) of 268 Canal Street, New York, was a major publisher of a variety of post card types, including many view cards. They used three different printers over the course of their business. 

The company was purchased by Valentine and Sons, and they produced cards in America under the name Valentine-Souvenir Co.

The comic cards of interest here are those with a bee logo, which seems to date from about 1907.


Who said Liar?

It was so big!

Signed "F S"

Bee Logo Back

4 March 1909

Posted in New York

Take a Friend's Advice

And marry the girl

Signed "F S"

Bee Logo Back

Posted in California

Take a Friend's Advice

And Don't Wear  Lawn Skirts

Signed "F S"


[Note wording change for USA]

Bee Logo Back

Not posted

Advice to Young Men before marriage

Get an extra strong gramophone to lecture you for coming home late. It will break you in!


Bee Logo Back

Posted in Ohio



Advice to Young Men About to be Married

Borrow Some Kids from the Neighbors and take them out.

See how you like it


Bee Logo Back

Posted in New York



When you wish

You'd got 5c


Links with Valentine (UK)

The husband and how to train them

Valentine series - Souvenir



At least some of the comic cards by Charles Crosbie for Valentine (in the UK) also appeared in the USA, either in the "Valentine series" for Souvenir, or with the Bee Logo back.



[Golf series] Rule XVII

Bee Logo back - USA

March 1908

Posted 3 May 1909 in USA


The "Do it Now" set was published at the same time as the "F S" cards but it turns out that the artist was Geo. Davey.


Posted 1908

"Bee Logo" cards by other artists

[also known posted 1905 with different undivided back]


The cards with the bee logo sometimes have pictures with a copyright statement.

Good-bye, Little Girl, Good-bye has the words "Copyright 1905 Souvenir Post Card Co, N.Y." while the card on the right has a A Q Southwick copyright statement dated 1908 and the number N15-E on the picture side.

The following cards also have "Bee Logo" backs and A G Southwick copyright statements dated 1908  

Times Building, New York

It's a wonder to me


23 June 1908


St Pauls Church, New York

I'm Resting Here


Post Office, New York

I shall try to post you


12 May 1908

Park Row Building, New York

My Business is looking up



Post Office, Philadelphia - N21-A

I shall try and post you

City Hall, Philadelphia

It's a wonder to me


26 Sept 1908


???, Pittsburg

My but Pittsburg is growing some

[Back not seen]