The "Selwell Series"

The "Selwell Series"

J W Asher's earliest comic cards included one definite F S card in the Drink series followed by two sets in the Selwell Series (Father is a Handy Man and  Mother's Trials).  Then another set, Spring Cleaning, turned up with some cards (with different backs) signed Donadini jr. and others with captions in German. It now seems this was a false lead and it is more likely that the cards were all by Donadini jr. Other Selwell cards were by Will Adams, A L Tuck and Arthur English

Another absent-minded beggar

 Signed Will Adams

Selwell Series No 7 1908

If you do George I will Scream

 Signed Will Adams

Selwell Series No 8

JWA Logo back


The Missus starts Spring Cleaning.

Selwell Series No 10


Printed in Saxony


Father is a Handy Man

He cooks the dinner

No Signature

Selwell Series No 41

JWA Logo back

30 April 1908

The Deserted Village

No Signature

[Unknown artist]

J W A & Co

Selwell Series No 53

1 May 1907

Any Port in a shower


JWA & Co

Selwell Series No 54

Writing space back

28 August 1907


Our Guvnor - Stocktaking

Sell Well Series No 56

Early Saxony

27 June 1907

Mother's Trials

Cook on the night of the party

No Signature

Selwell Series No 58

JWA Logo back

20 January 1914

Cricket Phrases

"A neat cut for two"

By A L Tuck

Selwell Series No 59  

Teaching his Sister - Perhaps

Signed "A E"

No Publisher

Selwell Series No 77

Inland Postage Back



Other "Perhaps" cards seen posted 1907