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There are separate FAQs for Ask Chris  and Tell Me

Are there any charges to use this site?

The site is free but if you find it useful you are invited to give a donation to a Hertfordshire mental health charity in memory of my daughters Lucy and Belinda, or to a similar charity near you if this is more convenient.

Can I use pictures and extracts from this site in my own family history?

Yes. There is no difficulty in using such material for your private use, as long as you make proper acknowledgement of its source If you want to use the material commercially, or in a publication for sale you should contact me about permissions and copyright and a larger donation might be appropriate.

Can I get a higher resolution copy of some of the pictures?

Yes - but only of some of the postcards and the older prints - and not of material from books still in copyright, etc. Use Tell Me to let me know which pictures you are interested in and I can send you a high resolution image. [It will be suggested that you make a donation. for this service.]

Your site contains a picture or text where I own the copyright ...

The site is run on a fair use for education basis see the policy on copyright. If you do not agree with my use the material will be removed.

The page I want is incomplete or under construction.

The site has been set up on an incremental basis and on occasions pages have been set up with a view to coming back later to finish them off. If you come across such a page and you want more information please tell me - giving adequate details of the page and I will ensure that it is on my "to do" list.  This includes books for which there is a title but no contents list or review.