Detail from John Haywood's Map of Hertfordshire, 1791


Essendon, to the east of Hatfield Park, is quaint and fairly quiet, and commands good views over the Lea Valley to the north and from the churchyard towards the west.

     The Church, a western foundation, was restored in 1883; it contains several monuments and brasses and has an Elizabethan chalice and a Baskerville Bible, the later given by the first Marquis of Salisbury. There is a splendid cedar of Lebanon in the churchyard, and the visitor should note the stone built into the exterior of the vestry, with its information that "Chancel, vestry, and organ chamber were reopened on September 2, 1917, after the re-building necessitated by a Zeppelin raid on Sunday September 3, 1916"

    On the survey of Church Livings of 1657, by order of Oliver Cromwell, the commissioners reported the living of "Easendon" to be worth £90 a year; that "Mr George Stallubrasse is Parson, whereunto the living of Bayford hath byn annexed."

    The house [picture not reproduced here] opposite the church makes a very pleasant corner, with its quaint bay windows.

A Pilgrimage in Hertfordshire, by H M Alderman, 1931


Essendon Village, Hertfordshire

Essendon Village, Herts
C Martin, London, postcard posted 1914


Some modern pictures of Essendon on Geograph

TL2708 : Houses in Essendon by Jack Hill
Parish Church
by Mym
TL2708 : St Mary, Essendon, Herts - Monument by John Salmon
Parish Church
by John Salmon
TL2708 : Essendon: The Rose and Crown public house by Nigel Cox
Rose & Crown
by Nigel Cox
TL2709 : River Lee near Essendon by Nigel Cox
River Lea
by Nigel Cox

Title: Essendon Church from the Meadow - Publisher: T J Norton, Essendon - Date: back suggests circa 1905.

St Mary's Church

Essendon Place (Baron Dimsdale & Baron Essendon)

Camfield Place

The Salisbury Crest

Bedwell Park House


The Cyclist's Rest

Other Pictures

Essendon in 1880

Selected Answers

BECKLEY, Orphanage at Essendon, 1873
FROST, Essendon Place, 1840-60
WALBY, Essendon, c1875-1890, Gamekeeper
Unknown Farmhouse

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ESSENDEN: a small village in the Hundred of Hertford, Union of Hatfield, and overlooking the valley of the Lea, contained, in 1841, 706 inhabitants. It is distant from London 19 miles, from Hatfield station 3 miles east, and from Hertford 6 miles north-west, The church is dedicated to the Virgin Mary, and the living is a rectory, of value of about £800 yearly, in the gift of the Marquis of Salisbury. The present rector is the Rev. Robert Holsen Webb. Here is a National school for boys and girls. The area of the parish is 2,170 acres. The Income Tax assessment was £4,541, in 1842.

Dimsdale Baron, Camfield Place

  Bunker John Wheelwright   Parcel Daniel, baker & grocer

Dimsdale Charles, esq. Essenden place

  Campkin Thomas & Son, seed drillers   Plowright James, tailor

Rosebery the Right Hon. Earl, Warren's Wood

  Collins John, bricklayer   Price Mrs. Farances, shoemaker
  Green Abraham & John, millers   Ray Thomas, butcher

Webb Rev. Robert Holden [rector]

  Gregory William, wheelwright   Ripingale James, 'Salisbury Crest'

Woodhouse William Herbert, esq. Woolmers

  Hearn James, shoemaker   Swannell, Samuel, maltster, Holwell
  Merrington Mrs. Mary, 'Rose & Crown'   Taylor John & Son, blacksmiths
Baker Richard, carrier   Pallett George, carpenter   Venables James, baker

Bamforth John & Thomas, blacksmiths

  Pallett John, carpenter   Whittall, Job, master of National School

Post Office. - Mrs Mary Merrington, postmistress, Letters received from Hertford ½past 9 a.m.; dispatched 5 p.m.


Carrier to London. - Baker, every wednesday & returns on thursday.


Post Office Directory for Hertfordshire, 1851

The Blacksmith's shop in about 1865, from Hertfordshire - A Guide to the Countryside or Hertfordshire - A Photographic Record

Ann has referred to The Story of Essendon, written in 1975 by J. R. Steele and also a later book, Essendon, the Village On A Hill by The Essendon Society when commenting on ROOKE, Hertford, early 19th century. I do not have further details

Local post cards were published by L. Dunckley, T. J. Norton and C.T. Oliver

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