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1870 June 25th Herts Advertiser Bourne v Barford - Dispute over Bricks
1870 July 2nd Herts Advertiser Fish Poaching - Stratton
1870 Sept 24th Herts Advertiser Sale of the Contents of Digswell House
1871 January 7th Herts Advertiser Temperance at the Trinity Chapel, St Albans
1871 February 11th Herts Advertiser Theft at Hill End Farm, Sandridge
1871 March 5th Bucks Herald Lady Grimston's Grave in Tewin Churchyard
1871 March 12th Luton Times HAWKINS, Hertford Jail, 1871 - poaching case on Hammonds Farm
1871 April 1st Herts Advertiser

News from the Herts Advertiser - selected items

1871 April 8th Herts Advertiser County Court Cases
1871 June 21st The Standard Sale of Sarratt Paper Mill
1871 September 16th Herts Advertiser St Albans Highways Board complains about removal of earth.
1871 Sept 23th Herts Advertiser Charge of Stealing a Copper Pump from a Brickfield.
1871 November 4th Herts Advertiser Entertainment by the Band of Hope
1872 January 27th Herts Advertiser A Raid on the Rabbits of Bernards Heath
1872 May 4th Herts Advertiser Poaching Fish - Stratton
1872 June 8th Herts Advertiser Trade Union Meeting on Nomansland Common
1872 August 8th Herts Advertiser Theft of Money - Charles Butcher steals from his father - Miskin's Brickworks
1872 August 31st Herts Mercury Elsden opens new photographic studios
1872 December 7th Bucks Herald Salary of Hemel Hempstead Under Bailiff
1873 April 19th Herts Advertiser Auction of Hawkswick Estate, near St Albans
1873 April 19th Herts Advertiser Various adverts relating to agricultural labourers strike.
1873 June 7th Herts Mercury Hertfordshire Chamber of Agriculture - meeting discussing Sandridge Strike
1873 Sept 9th Herts Advertiser Theft of Potatoes at St Albans - An incident involving the Stratton family 
1873 November 15th Herts Advertiser Reference to Gift Ploughing in HOLINSHEAD, St Albans area, 19th century
1873 December 13th Herts Advertiser HAWKINS, Hertford Jail, 1871 - poaching case on Hammonds Farm
1873 Dec 20th Herts Advertiser The St Albans Highway Board (quoted in The Road through Harpenden)
1874 February 17th Herts Advertiser Game Trespass on Bernards Heath
1874 June 22nd Morning Post Cricket: Caldecott House v Stanmore
1874 August 1st Pictorial World Ayot St Peter Church struck by Lightening
1874 September Royston Crow Many excerpts - see Royston Crow page
1874 November 21st Reading Mercury Football: Wanderers v Hitchin at Maidenhead
1874 December 12th The Graphic The Prince of Wales visits Panshanger & Hertford
1875-79 Various Coffee Houses and Taverns in Hertfordshire
1875 July Symons's Meteorological Magazine

Whirlwind at Baldock. Maltings seriously damaged.

1875 August 28th Herts Mercury Dispute over pay for Harvert work at Sandridge
1875 October  2nd Herts Advertiser Advert for St Albans Almanack for 1876
1875 October 2nd Herts Advertiser Unsound Fish on Hemel Hempstead Market, 1875
1875 October  2nd Herts Advertiser Proposal for a Football Club for St Albans, 1875
1875 October 16th Herts Advertiser Aldenham Abbey sale
1876 January Gazette Hemel and Boxmoor Soup Kitchens
1876 September 2nd Luton Times Young Boys employed in St Albans brickworks
1876 Oct 28th Herts Advertiser Joseph Arch (leading trades unionist) visits Hertfordshire
1878 February 2nd Herts Advertiser Stealing Water - Stratton
1879 Herts Mercury Bengeo Coffee Tavern
1879 Oct Various Serious Riots in Watford