"F S" cards in the Picture Post Card Monthly

The Picture Post Card Monthly of March 2009 published an article "Will the real F.S. please stand up" which discusses the "F S" cards and includes an extensive check list of  cards drafted by Ted Marks - which has been used as guidance in structuring this web site.

There are three main ways that this site expands our understanding of the artist's work

It suggests that the "Crown Series" listed in the article was followed by unsigned cards (by "F S") published in the "Crown Series" by Crown Publishing Ltd of St Albans.  
It records that at least 4 UK series were reprinted (sometimes unsigned) in the USA and that five new unsigned sets published by A Q Southwick of New York are probably by "F S"  
It has looked in detail at the history of the London View Company (which published many "F S" cards) and one of the earliest sets was a new "F S" Seaside set not mentioned in the published list.  

It greatly extends the list of firms which have "published" cards by "F S" to include Argal, Asher, Beagles, Blum & Degan, Crown Publishing Ltd,  East London Publishing, Ettlinger, Gale & Polden, Garner, London View Co Ltd, Mandel, S & M, New York, Southwick, Souvenier Post Card Co, Vertigen, Woolstone Bros.

The List includes 2 cards in the "Down Here" set which do not have the words "Down here. " This site includes a 5th "Down Here" card which is a more appropriate member of the list.  
Attention has been taken to the backs of cards (often unsigned) by "F S" and reprinted after the London View Company was wound up. This includes indentifying a number of cards which may well be ny "F S" buy where there is no easy way of telling. (More work needed)  
Further cards are still under investigation - for instance should there be a set "Lucky" not mentioned in the published list?